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Jimmy Needles the tattoo artist and owner of ‘Beverley Ink’, the tattoo studio which is located in the very heart of the historic town of Beverley, in East Yorkshire.

I have been creating tattoos for nearly two decades, for customers who are famous, to the not so famous. Tattoos have now grown over the years to become an acceptable body art form, showcasing a persons style and character. The theme of each tattoo becomes very personal to the owner; one they have thought long and hard for, it is a design decision that will stay with them for a lifetime, and one that I am glad to be part of when creating their tattoo art.

Creative tattoos
Creating tattoos in Beverley

Body Ink Artwork

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The individual styles of tattoos for clients vary, from the traditional old school tattoos to the more modern vibrant and dynamic three-d effects that we see today.

From tattooed arm sleeves to full-back tattoos; or even the modest small personal symbol or chosen word that is hidden away from sight, every style is different and tailored to the customers choice.

Creative Tattoos

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8 Dyer Lane, Beverley. East Yorkshire. HU17 8AE

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